Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on MVVM Light

Total dependencies: 13

This is the UBIK Universal Client Foundation (UCF)
Enterprise Foundation Classes
This a miscellanea of the WPF user controls. All is the results of my studying reseaching WPF. Most user controls maybe searched from WPF but changed a little bit or more. This user control library is free to study but not allow to use in any commercial products.
Package Base for build App in Windows Phone 8.1 and MVVM Light
Foundation framework for WPF Windows applications, designed to provide a quick and easy way to create a WPF application.
Just a bunch of controls, converters, and extension methods for WPF.
A collection of viewmodels, helpers, controls, and more for MVVM based projects. Assumes you are using MVVMLight as your framework.
UBIK UCF package
UBIK Universal Client Foundation
My package description.