Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on MvcScaffolding

Total dependencies: 20

A fast and customizable way to add Model (with optional Controller and Views) to your ASP.NET MVC project. You can specify property types or can use conventions. Visit the Project site to learn about output and conventions' customization. Inspired by MVCScaffolding.
A collection of tools and conventions we like to use for ASP.NET MVC projects
Provides a very easy and fast way to scaffold Restful services using WCF WebAPI.
This package gives you extra scaffolders to create metadata 'buddy classes' in your EF project. The metadata classes are required to properly decorate classes generated by the DbContext code generation tool to provide user-friendly names, nullability and other facets. It uses your EDMX file to p...
MVCScaffolding.MetaDataPlugin allows for an easy-to-use command to create metadata classes on top of any object that contains properties, such as custom viewmodels or domain models. This package works in both MVC 4,5 and any other .Net project that works with MvcScaffolding. In version 2+ you can...
MvcScaffolding templates for the ShortBus Mediator
This Package uses MvcScaffolding, EntityFramework and Glimpse.
Adds EF and ADO services and their corresponding repositories with entries in DI config and context files.
Build your ASP.NET MVC solution faster.
Scaffold AngularJsController with SPA View for CRUD...
A custom scaffolder built using T4Scaffolding and MvcScaffolding which scaffold a ASP .NET controller, SPA View, AngularJs Controller, WEB API...
Скаффолдеры для репозиториев
Скаффолдеры для админских вьюмоделей
Админские сервисы
Скаффолдеры для админки
Custom scaffolder for implementing search functionality as well as CRUD, derived from MVC Scaffolding 1.0.9.
Provides additional MVC3 scaffolders. (Service, Service interface, Service injected controller, Ajax Grid). More to come soon.
Collection of Scaffolders for a SharpLite project
MVC4 Mobile Rapid Templating Helpers
Provides scaffolding templates to generate meta data classes of Entity Framework objects for data annotations.