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Quick library for helping to read in content from xml files
Several helpful extensions methods for the Vector2 class in MonoGame
Commit : 945bb20964d337465fb898138516bc8e33ce5795, 11/9/2017 8:28:55 PM +01:00
Commit : 945bb20964d337465fb898138516bc8e33ce5795, 11/9/2017 8:28:55 PM +01:00
Quick library for animating sprites in MonoGame
Cocos2D-Mono for UWP (Windows Universal)
Put some text on the screen easier with MonoGame
Several extension methods for the MonoGame Matrix class
A MonoGame library for sorting the draw order of 2d objects
Library for parsing BulletML xml files. Used for scripting bullet patterns in shmup games.
Simple MonoGame library for a rectangle that uses float values instead of int
Add bloom effect to MonoGame projects
Commonly used types: InfernoQuickStart
Some handy Monogame timer objects that can be used for time effects like hiererchical time, slowdown, speedup, hitpause, etc.
MonoGame 适配多种设备分辨率运行库。
C256 Physics Engine
Inferno is a game engine library set that sits on top of Xamarin and MonoGame. Providing a gaming infrastructure and library suite containing implementations for adding UI and gaming components to make your 2D game. Class Library targeting these platforms - iOS, Android, Windows and Windows 10 UWP.
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