Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on MinVer

Total dependencies: 14

Bard is a .NET library for functional API testing.
Easily Animate Blazor Components using Blazor Animate. Powered by AOS.
Tool for downloading and installing NuGet packages from .NET.
Type Generator for .NET Standard can generate types runtime from delegates and existing types.
A .NET Functional gRPC API Testing Framework
Harvest API client for .NET Standard.
Hallo is a content negotiated implementation of the HAL hypermedia format for ASP.NET Core.
Lightweight Event Aggregator for Blazor.
Everything is a plugin! Use assemblies, NuGet packages and C# Scripts as plugins in your .NET Applications.
Roslyn catalog for Plugin Framework allows you to use Roslyn scripts as plugins with Plugin Framework.
NuGet catalog for Plugin Framework allows you to use NuGet packages as plugins with Plugin Framework.
Plugin Framework for ASP.NET Core.
Adaptive Cards for Blazor provides powerful and fully featured support for using Adaptive Cards inside Blazor Applications. Some of the feature highlights include built-in support for templates, ability to handle actions in C# and many more.
Abstractions for Plugin Framework.