Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on MimeMapping

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The core library of the open-source and free platform WebVella ERP. It allows a quick and painless creation of business web applications.
netstandard2.1 C# for Linux (or Windows)
Easy to use web server for building web apps that use sql databases generated automatically from c# classes.
A .NET Standard library to extract the main content of a web page based on a port of the Readability library by Mozilla. It also determine and gather metadata about the content, such as language, author, main image, etc.
dotnet wechaty
Integración transporte internacional, aduanas y terrestre con sistemas LRP
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Stream storage and processing framework
PineBlog core package.
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This library used for make couchdb easy to manage
C# Wrapper to the Discourse API
Sitko.Core is a set of libraries to help build .NET Core applications fast
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A .NET Standard 2.0 library that converts files from other REST clients into Nightingale files.
This package allows you to create Exponam .BIG files from database queries. The basic capabilities are available with no license. To unlock the full capabilities, please contact Exponam for a commercial or developer license.
C# Api to Mattermost
Toolkit to manager file repository.
A small mvc http framework. You can use it at net461 and netstandard2.0. Ao Project full open source coming!
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