Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Microsoft jQuery Unobtrusive Validation

Total dependencies: 151

Un Paquete que crea un applicacion MVC con IDentity 2.x
Adds two factor authentication to an MVC project using google's authenticator. Relies on Microsoft's ASP.NET Identity service.
A centered logging system for ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API.
Legacy package, jQuery.Validation.Unobtrusive is now included in the 'Microsoft.jQuery.Unobtrusive.Validation' package.
Define behavior of your Ajax dynamic pages with NO Javascript code.
A proof of concept package using ASP.NET MVC app on WebForms
calendar Exercise Application
Microsoft Application
IVS Shared
This package provides login, remember password(with send a mail - remember pass or reset pass), profile viewing, profile editing and deleting. Using EF CodeFirst that create mssql database automatically.
EditorTemplates for MVC projects and Bootstrap 3. Adds standard bootstap input fields plus date, time and rich text controls
Simple.Data version of standard Asp.Net MVC 5 sample
Sample MVC5 application using Asp.Identity with Simple.Data