Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Microsoft.CSharp

Total dependencies: 3493

Dotmim Sync core assembly. Manage a sync process beetween two relational databases provider. Can't be used alone. Choose a server and a client provider such as Dotmim.Sync.SqlServerProvider or Dotmim.Sync.SqliteProvider
Speedy is a simple easy to use Entity Framework unit testing framework, sync framework, and all around data framework.
DataTablePlus provides some helpful extensions in order to transform list of objects into data tables (it's able to use the object definitions and/or EntityFramework/EntityFrameworkCore mappings for creating the data table schema as well as its data) and also some SQL helpers capable of performing s...
Message deduplication for the SQL Server transport.
MSFramework is a lightweight DDD framework
Extends Verify ( to allow verification of SqlServer bits.
.Net Bindings for RocksDb (Planetarium fork). See the Project Site for more information.
The runtime assemblies for libraries and applications that use Kentico Xperience API.
Project containing the core of TwitchLib.Api
OpenTracing compliant tracer for LightStep.
Official .NET API client
DalSoft.RestClient - Powerful C# Rest Client A beautiful, dynamic and fluent C# Rest Client for all platforms. Create frictionless code whlist still using the HttpClient you already know. Extend HttpClient using Pipeline features Trusted by enterprises Easy Unit Tes...
Add the Wire binary format and endpoint to a ServiceStack web service host.
NHibernate integration for NServiceBus
CommandLine Parser Library lets you easily define strongly typed command line arguments, allows automatic parsing of command line arguments and mapping the values to properties of your objects.
Common GraphQL classes
Json Localizer library for .NetStandard and .NetCore projects
Flexible feature toggle client. It supports enabling features runtime, through multiple activation strategies, and allows you to decouple deployment of code from release of new features. Unleash is a feature toggle system that gives you a great overview over all feature toggles across all your appli...
BLOB storage wrapper for Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, S3 compatible storage (i.e. Minio, Less3, Ceph), Kvpbase, Komodo, and local filesystem written in C#.