Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Microsoft Immutable Collections

Total dependencies: 67

An app for Seq ( that forwards events to Slack.
HyperStore is a modeling framework providing its own in-memory transactional database.
This package provides an easy and fluent way to write the boilerplate requirements, exception handling, connection, type mapping, and validation that your code may depend on in order to actually write the business logic you require.
NXKit forms the basis of an XML processing engine that can be used to implement other XML based models, such as XForms, or theoritically a full web browser user agent. Schema support is available in other NXKit packages.
An app for Seq ( that forwards messages to
An open source ASP.NET Identity 2.x-compliant custom user store implementation to *Redis* using the fancy StackExchange.Redis library.
An extension library for simplifying mongo c# driver, more details can be found at
A simple to use library to access your AppInix apps, including access to the most common components.
Easy-to-use exception causality chains for async/await.
Immutable dynamic SQL generation library
Asynchrnous library for simplifying database access with the overhead of an ORM. Replaced by Tortuga.Chain
Shields.GraphViz is a .NET wrapper for GraphViz. Easily enhance your applications with graph visualizations.
Service Api for Practice Engine Accounting Software
IMPORTANT: This package is not used anymore. Use package.
Json.Net serialization extension for Finalist
Common application helpers including logging, IoC, and many other areas.
Json.Net serialization extension for Belt
NXKit implementation of the DOM (Document Object Model) events.