Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Microsoft BCL Build Components

Total dependencies: 588

A .NET portable library SDK wrapper around the MYOB AccountRight API v2. Samples of how to use this API can be found on Github (MYOB-Technology).
Abot is an open source C# web crawler built for speed and flexibility. It takes care of the low level plumbing (multithreading, http requests, scheduling, link parsing, etc..). You just register for events to process the page data. You can also plugin your own implementations of core interfaces to t...
Реализация ВКонтакте API для .NET. Список методов см.
Polly.Caching.MemoryCache is a plug-in for the .NET OSS resilience library Polly, supporting System.Runtime.Caching.MemoryCache as a provider for Polly's CachePolicy.
Nuget Package for Ingeniux InSite Search V2
Dapplo.CaliburnMicro.Cards brings toast via AdaptiveCard definitions
Terradue Tep .Net library
This .Net Workflow Activity library allows easy integration with Enate v7 and above. The Activities will perform authentication when necessary and allow a single authentication token to be passed between concurrent calls to improve performance. All date/time values are passed in UTC.
The portable core of the DocuWare Platform .NET API
Generates AtomFeeds from geospatial products
SDK to communicate with the Ingenico ePayments platform using the Ingenico Connect Server API
An easy to use .NET SDK for Clinical6 SDK (a product of Parallel6)
C# client library for using SendGrid API's to send mail. Github repo located at :
This library is primarily based on the AsyncEx library, with some additional features not available in the original code. You can refer ( for more details.
Developer library for creating SharePoint client (CSOM) projects and apps. Kraken is a battle tested library for developing SharePoint applications that's been around since before 2010 and is used in many projects. This package includes libraries for developing client applications (CSOM) including ...
This repository provides some tools which make it easier to work with Azure Data Factory (ADF). It mainly contains two features: - Debug Custom .Net Activities locally (within VS and without deployment to the ADF Service!) - Export existing ADF Visual Studio projects a Azure Resource Manager (ARM) t...
Stand alone OCTGN game server. This process can support a single OCTGN game.
A powerful C# web crawler that makes advanced crawling features easy to use. AbotX builds upon the open source Abot C# Web Crawler by providing a powerful set of wrappers and extensions.
The Exact Online Client SDK provides a rich application framework and simplifies the interconnection with the Exact Online RESTful API
The CefSharp Chromium-based browser component (WinForms control).