Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Microsoft ASP.NET SignalR System.Web

Total dependencies: 50

Incredibly simple real-time web for .NET. This package pulls in the server components and JavaScript client required to use SignalR in an ASP.NET application.
The modules required to build CloudCore-based web roles/sites.
A SignalR plugin for the Code Endeavors Distributed Cache client inteface
OSharp SignalR组件,提供SignalR的服务端功能的封装
The Asp.Net component of node assests, provides a complete assest manager solution including compilation from coffee/styles, minification, combination, compression, and also a refresh-on-change css live updater
The administration tool for Bifrost called Mimir
Support for SignalR for Bifrost
This allows your Umbraco website to send its Logs in realtime in conjunction with the Chrome Umbraco Developer Tools extension. This is not an official project of the Umbraco HQ but a pet project by Warren.
Distributed job queue for .NET powered by Katana and SignalR.
This will let developers to send and receive sms from their android phones to there .net application. This is especially build for .net window form applications. For more details check out the documentation page You have to only install one app in your android ...
code by
Incredibly simple real-time signalr message hub for .NET
Cronix Web Interface
ElmahR Core library, receiving errors and broadcasting them to connected clients
A .NET micro framework full of awesomeness
Some simple helpers for writing SignalR in C# scripts. The main purpose of this is to allow sending messages to clients without having to use the dynamic object, which is not supported by Roslyn (and therefore ScriptCs) at the time of writing.
JavaScript library to do store and forward in the browser using browser localstorage as intermediary store. This package contains an usage sample to demonstrate API usage. For detailed usage see project page.
When used in a running ASP.NET application the site will pickup changes to CSS files on disk and update the stylesheet in the running browser without reloading the page using SignalR. Useful for development on mobile devices, simultanous testing in multiple browsers or looking varying brows...