Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on MetroLog Lightweight Logging for Portable and WinJS

Total dependencies: 15

GameAnalytics SDK for UWP (C#)
GameAnalytics SDK for Universal Windows 8 (C#)
Support library for connecting MetroLog log handler to fo-dicom.
Nx library containing Logging wrappers for multiple platforms
Simplifies logging through a static class and some IL manipulation.
WPF based control that implements most aspects of Windows Explorer. It can be used to display shell objects or any hierarchical data.
This portable library provides xml parsers and multiple classes to easily load WMS data and convert it to native images. Images can be loaded in batches and with multiple threads. Compatible with .NET 4.5, Windows Store and Windows Phone
Simple Console Logger Target for MetroLog (useful if you are using console applications)
The Sensorberg SDK allows you app to detect beacons and use the sensorberg API to enable proximity responses in your Windows10 application.
MetroLog StreamingFileTarget for Universal Apps (Win81+WP81)
Portable implementation of File Target for MetroLog.
This will eventually be a cross platform logging plugin but for now it's only supported on Windows Universal Apps. The current implementation uses MetroLog under the covers but this plugin serves as an abstraction layer so that the underlying logging framework could change over time.
An app framework for SyncSoft.