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Common application functionality and features to be shared across the framework for iOS
Common application functionality and features to be shared across the framework for Android
The libraries module contains functionality for viewing and interacting with archived information
Base library for HomeAutio Mqtt bridges
The MBW.HassMQTT packages will help in creating .NET applications that integrate with Home Assistant using its MQTT transport. This package contains core services such as value managers and senders
Provides MQTT communication features, using the MQTTnet library and its extensions. Use with OpcLabs.QuickOpc for OPC UA PubSub transport protocol mappings based on MQTT.
Open-source IoT Platform - Device management, data collection, processing and visualization.
A extension to the MQTTnet ManagedMqttClient, to transform the subscriptions into observables.
Ctrl2MqttClient is the client to the Ctrl2MqttBridge, bridging between a control connection (to either OPC UA or Sinumerik Operate) and an easy to implement Mqtt protocol. Needs a running Ctrl2MqttBridge instance.
This health check add-on checks the state of the a Mqtt broker
An MQTT client for VL, based on MQTTnet.Extensions.ManagedClient.
基于 MQTTnet 的消息队列,封装了一些方法
Connect your Azure Function to your Mqtt broker! This package enables you to: * Trigger an Azure Function based on a MQTT Subscription * Publish a message to a MQTT topic as a result of an Azure Function. For more information, please visit
Package Description
An EventBus base on netstandard2 and Mqtt.
A simple library supports for sending logs, system information... to supervisor (you can get supervisor at
A .NET library for The Things Stack MQTT API