Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Leoxia.Collections

Total dependencies: 7

Mock Ioc Helpers. It helps instiantiation of classes through IOC and automock. Based on Moq and DryIOC. Provides MockUnitTestFixture WriterUnitTestFixture
Provides reflection based helpers for testing purposes. Provides: ObjectBuilder ObjectComparer ObjectFiller ObjectTester AssemblyExtensions TypeExtensions InstanceExtensions ListExtensions
Fluent Assertions for different kind of types. Reduce assert avaialable depending on the type while providing meaningful messages. Doesn't support expression analysis yet. Provides: ObjectCheckable ListCheckable BoolCheckable IntegerCheckable StringCheckable TypeCheckable EquatableChec...
Provides contract checkers for different common interfaces. Ensure that interface is really well implemented. Provides: CollectionChecker (for ICollection) EnumerableChecker (for IEnumerable) EquatableChecker (for IEquatable) SetChecker (for ISet) HashSetChecker (for IHashSet) IShallowCl...
Concurrent Collections. Provides: ConcurrentHashSet<T>
Graph structure, traversal and related algorithms. Provides: GraphSet<T> GraphNode<T> GraphSetExtensions GraphNodeComparer
Type analysis based on reflection. Provides: CachedProperty CachedType DefaultProvider (default(T) value given typeof(T)) TypeExtensions (Type analysis)