Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Kentico.AspNet.Mvc

Total dependencies: 22

Allows for automatic detection of pages based on URL and routing based on refractoring. For the MVC Site only.
A custom Kentico MVC form component that allows editors to select categories from a list of checkboxes in a modal window.
Extends DynamicRouting.Kentico.MVC to support wildcards in urls which map to properties within Controller actions
Tiny MCE Wysiwyg Rich Text and Edtiable text, plus Wysiwyg inline editor
Authorization attribute that integrates with Kentico user permissions, including module permissions and page ACL permissions, leveraging the DynamicRouting.Kentico.MVC library for retreiving the page.
Masonry image gallery widget using for Kentico 12 MVC
Tim Lemke - Seventyeight Digital
Bootstrap 3 based Section tool for Kentico MVC Page Builder
Localized variations of the default DataAnnotation Attributes that allow your ErrorMessage to contain and resolve Localized macro expressions
Allows for easily selecting a date and time
Form component that allows you to select or paste a color using pickr.
Adds the ability for a content editor to select a Font Awesome 5.x icon from a modal popup.
Adds the ability for a content editor to capture a latitude/longitude value by clicking a location on a map.
Provides Dynamic Routing capabilities for Kentico based on DynamicRouting Attributes. Must override DynamicRoutingEvents.GetPage to insert your own lookup logic. This is a stand alone MVC only module and does not integrate with the Url Slug logic in the normal DynamicRouting.Kentico and DynamicRouti...
Adds CKEditor4 Wysiwyg editor capabilities for MVC. Includes Inline Editor and Widget implementation.
Adds placeholder image generation capabilities for MVC. Includes Placeholder Image Widget that integrates placeholder images provided by
Allows you to render another Page's content (including widgets)
A sample widget for a video on how to build a Kentico Marketplace component.
Containerized Static Text Widget for entering static text into a page builder section.
Containerized Static Text Widget for entering static text into a page builder section.