Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on JetBrains.Profiler.Api

Total dependencies: 6

JetBrains Platform Core Shell Package Version 203.0.20201014.93513-eap04
JetBrains dotMemory Unit Package Version 203.0.20201118.102928-eap08
JetBrains DPA Core Package Version 203.0.20201118.103141-eap08
JetBrains dotCommon Psi UnitTesting Package Version 203.0.20201118.102531-eap08
JetBrains Self-Profiling API lets you initiate and control profiling sessions right from the code of your application. The snapshots taken by the API calls can be later opened and investigated in JetBrains profiling tools. The main advantage of Self-Profiling API is that it doesn't require the profi...
Profiler API based client controllers for ReSharper Test Runner