Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on IronPython Standard Library

Total dependencies: 10

Bonsai Scripting Library containing scripting infrastructure for Bonsai.
Adds Python functions to AdaptiveExpressions
BlackStar is a general APS (advanced planning & scheduling) model and algorithm solution for various industries including aerospace mission, unmanned systems and vehicle fleets. BlackStar uses a continuous time model for precision events, covering routing, dispatching and time window optimizing. Pro...
This package allow create yours functions to extend the Tax Synapse core functionality
Write your games using Python! This plugin makes it possible to write all the logic behind your game using Python instead of C#. Beware that, as the name says, it uses the IronPython package to be able to use Python, therefore there may be some features that the official Python languag...
Store and execute SQL queries and connections, retrieve information, check data integrity, modify data, execute tests and data migrations between different data bases, can also export results to csv and text files.
A Python Helper Library wrapped around IronPython for .NET 6/7 and .NET Standard 2.0 Applications
Package Description
Enabling the use of python and c# scripting as part of integrations.