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Adds Cofoundry features to a website, including access to content, pages and media, but excluding any content administration. To add content administration use the Cofoundry.Admin package.
Adds the Cofoundry admin panel to a website.
Cofoundry Core components and interfaces
Contains the domain and data access layer for Cofoundry. You can reference this project directly if you're not interested in the web stack (e.g. a console app or background service)
包含一些常用的操作类,大都是静态类,加密解密,反射操作,硬件信息,字符串扩展方法,日期时间扩展操作,大文件拷贝,图像裁剪,html处理,验证码、NoSql等常用封装。 官网教程: github:
SiteServer CMS
PureActive Hosting
A library to prevent xss for WebApi
The Mail Templating and Sending Module (part of Dragon Web Framework) for .NET that supports Handlebar Templates (HTML & plain-text), Internationalization, Summary E-Mails (Batching, i.e. do not send more than 1 email per X hours) and Asynchronous Sending.
Markdown extension library for NSS editors
Tool By Eadily
This Package Contains inital Web App
This Package Contains inital Web App
Package Description
Package Description
My package description.