Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on HL7 FHIR Core support SDK for STU3

Total dependencies: 21

This library offers additional support beyond core for HL7's FHIR standard ( It contains functionality to working with FHIR's specification (meta)data such as profiles, profile-based validation and publication
Helper library to assist in the use of Care Connect profiles.
Lightweight library derived from Furores Spark.Engine
A package for building the NHS ITK FHIR message wrappers
FHIR Server Engine - Handling REST Calls and Service Layer
MongoDB Storage Implementation for Spark
IOTA implementation to work with the FHIR core
Quest core library
Pact core for interaction with FHIR resources
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Package Description
Package Description
A FHIR Death Record model for producing and consuming FHIR death records.
Library to assist with working with FHIR Organisation resources from the NHS ODS Service in England
Fihr to IOTA Mam Connector
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