Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Fluent Validation Library

Total dependencies: 4

Provides abstract and common programming types useful to .NET MVC web application developers.
The SInc Core Library for .NET provides concrete and abstract types for data entity models, caching, common design patterns, application health monitoring, diagnostic classes, and useful extensions and types typically needed or found in every software project that .NET does not provide.
This is a fork of the System.Linq.Dynamic.Library project that was itself forked from the Microsoft System.Linq.Dynamic project. The library allows you to construct dynamic linq queries using string expressions instead of C# expressions. See more information on project site and project wiki.
This is a branch of the Microsoft Dyamic LINQ library. It allows developers to construct LINQ queries using string expressions instead of lambda expressions. This package is more than a simple NuGet deployment of the Dynamic Linq Library. It is a living project, and contains XML documentation with...