Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Enterprise Library 5.0 - Caching Application Block

Total dependencies: 17

Strongly-typed utility wrapper for the Enterprise Library Caching Block
Set of extensions methods to perform tasks on EntLib and Unity
The Enterprise Library Caching Database Backing Store lets developers store cached data in a database.
Integration with Enterprise Library Caching and Validation.
This caching store provides an ISecurityCacheProvider implementation that caches authenticated session information and performs token handling.
The Enterprise Library Caching Cryptography Provider lets developers encrypt the data to be cached.
Contains an implementation of Microsoft Enterprise Library Caching Block, BackingStore that uses the file system as storage
Core classes for Peanut Framework
NDirkFramework Caches implementation.
Contains common helpers.
Contains additional objects to work with ASP.NET Web API.
Contains types for images.