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Message queue support via EasyNetQ, a .NET RabbitMQ library
EsWork Libraries
heily rabbitmq 扩展组件
v6.0.0.0 .net 6 v. 消息队列订阅是抛出异常 v3.0.5.46 增加获取授权文件有效期方法 v3.0.5.45 增加授权文件解析类 v3.0.5.44 扩展mysql支持 v3.0.5.43 增加调用webServiceSOAP方法 v3.0.5.41 & 42 修改日志生成到队列发送用户名控制器、方法名称 v3.0.5.39 & 40 1.修改读取日志消息队列配置,设置到app.json文件中 v3.0.5.38 1.修改所有配置读取,全部读取app.json文件 2.修改数据查询时访问统计SQL信息 v3.0.5.36 删除日志调用堆栈信息 v3.0.5...
An extension to EasyNetQ that allows you to utilize message headers, without resorting to AdvancedBus!
Some small extensions and installers for EasyNetQ.
This package contains the Aco service.
This package contains common classes used by Selkie services.
This package contains the Racetrack service.
EasyNetQ.Rx is an extension for enabling reactive subscriptions on EasyNetQ
This package contains aspect oriented programming extensions for the Selkie project.
This package contains the Lines service.
update version .net 5
Package Description
Package Description
Easy integration with multiple messaging frameworks including RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ ,maybe MSMQ
Provides an extensible solution for creating Data Processing Pipelines in F#.
Package Description