Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on DotNetCqs

Total dependencies: 12

Azure service bus integration for DotNetCqs.
Command/Query abstraction library for .NET applications.
Azure service bus integration for DotNetCqs.
ADO.NET based queues for DotNetCqs.
Allows DotNetCqs to use containers based on Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.Abstractions.
Command/Query seperation library for WindowsAzure ServiceBus. This is NOT an officical Microsoft package. Allows you to use messaging within your application to make it easier to scale and create a loosely coupled architecture
Library used to write integration tests for the OneTrueError client libraries
Command/Query (CQS) library which enables to you use dependency injection in your Command/Query handlers. The CQS objects can be executed locally within the same process or through a client/server architecture. You can also scale the execution by using routing CQS objects or divide so that one se...
Used to call the API in Coderr.
A TCP host for the Command/Query library.
Command/Query separation library. A container class that calls the actual implementations for all the various message types.
Command/Query separation library using CommonServiceLocator, so you can use your favourite IoC container.