Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on DocumentFormat.OpenXml

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Wrapper for reading and writing Excel files with ease using C#
Make data exporting to Excel easy. Just put necessary attributes in your data model properties, and exporting will be done under the hood. :)
.NET library for interacting with MS Office.
Quickly turns an IEnumerable into an excel spreadsheet
Allow create, read and edit Excel spreadsheets with very short and clean code.
Document wrapper that simplifies document management with OpenXml
using (WordprocessingDocument document = WordprocessingDocument.Open(filePath, true)) { MainDocumentPart mainPart = document.MainDocumentPart; Dictionary<string, string> replacers = new Dictionary<string, string>(32); _openXmlVariableReplacer.ReplaceVariables(mainPart.Document, replacers); }
Gogeonhyeok's first testing nuget uploading
BitFrameWorks v16.2
Simple .NET library for complex reports in docx format
An OpenXML utility library containing boilerplate code, extension methods, new classes, and/or improvements to existing classes.
The general purpose utility library for developing apps with Windows platform
My package description.
This package combine many open sources packages and allow one interface to read may types of content files. for example:use open.xml to read docx file
Convert your docx to html string. Just use DocxToHtml.Docx.ConvertToHtml function. Note: we can't convert shapes.
Package Description
Package Description