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Testing framework for setting up real dependencies as Docker containers.
Package Description
A lightweight library to run tests with throwaway instances of Docker containers.
TestDatabase implementation using Sql Server running on Docker Logo created with
Docker.DotNet.X509 is a library that allows you to use certificate authentication with a remote Docker engine programmatically in your .NET applications.
Bard.Db is a .NET library for running docker database instances from .net code for testing.
Setup test environment via docker compose. Simple IDE based run and run under CI.
DotNet port of
Interface for soft integration (docker, github, jenkins, jira, syncany...). Allow you to create your own private cloud with syncany
Provides some utilities to test a Backend.Fx based application: - In memory persistence layer - test data generation - xunit logging
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Package Description
Package Description
provide a facility to execute a container on a dev machine and get open ports
Base interfaces for automatica.core system
TypeEdge introduces a strongly-typed flavor of the inherently loosely coupled vanilla Azure IoT Edge.
Core library for Arragro for docker integration testing.
BioFSharp.BioContainers gives you the possibility to leverage containerized applications without leaving you F# environment. We build on the fondation of Docker.DotNet to programmatically access the the REST API on top of the docker daemon. We provide special functions to use with biocontainers, whi...
Reactive Extensions (Rx) support for the .NET Docker client.
Provides an API to start/kill docker containers from dot net core