Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Discord.Net.Core

Total dependencies: 21

An asynchronous API wrapper for Discord. This metapackage includes all of the optional Discord.Net components.
A Discord.Net extension adding support for bot commands.
A core Discord.Net library containing the Webhook client and models.
A core Discord.Net library containing the WebSocket client and models.
A core Discord.Net library containing the REST client and models.
An optional WebSocket client provider for Discord.Net using WebSocket4Net
A basic setup for a code based on DependencyInjection and Module discovery
Package Description
A .NET friendly library for Discord Api.
An expanded list of colors and extension methods for Discord.NET colors.
This package provides a useful base for designing your Discord bots
Makes it easier to create Telegram and Discord bots
Common services and classes for bots that implement RavenBOT
A reaction callback handler for discord modules
An extension for Discord.Net that adds linkable messages.
This package is an Addon for Discord.Net. It provides basic and advanced interactivity features for your Discord Bot. Moreover it includes support for any command framework.