Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Dapplo.Addons.Bootstrapper

Total dependencies: 7

Dapplo.CaliburnMicro is a Caliburn bootstrapper (and more) to quickly start with a WPF MVVM Application
Dapplo.CaliburnMicro.ClickOnce supports ClickOnce applications with handling the update in code
Provide configuration services for addons
Dapplo.CaliburnMicro.Dapp is the bootstrapper for Dapplo.CaliburnMicro
Dapplo.CaliburnMicro.Security brings security to Dapplo.CaliburnMicro
Dapplo.CaliburnMicro.Toasts brings toasts via CaliburnMicro and ToastNotifications
Dapplo.CaliburnMicro.Diagnostics brings diagnostics functionality to Dapplo.CaliburnMicro