Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on CrossPlatformLibrary

Total dependencies: 12

CrossPlatformLibrary is an extensible cross-platform toolkit which provides a basic set of functionality used in most mobile apps such as bootstrapping, exception handling, tracing and UI dispatching.
CrossPlatformLibrary.Settings is a plug-in for reading and writing of platform-independent application settings.
CrossPlatformLibrary.Camera is a plug-in for platform-independent access to the photo/video cameras.
CrossPlatformLibrary.Connectivity is a plug-in for platform-independent access to network connectivity.
CrossPlatformLibrary.Geolocation is a plug-in for geo information handling. It enables cross-platform GPS functionality.
CrossPlatformLibrary.FodyTracingAspect is a plug-in for CrossPlatformLibrary's ITracer which allows to trace annotated methods. Simply apply the provided [TracingAspect] annotation and Fody will use your configured ITracer to trace enter/exit of method calls including the duration of the call....
CrossPlatformLibrary.Callouts is a cross-platform abstraction for message boxes, toasts, callouts.
CrossPlatformLibrary.Device is a plug-in for reading platform-independent device information.
CrossPlatformLibrary.Market is a plug-in for accessing platform-independent app market functionality.
CrossPlatformLibrary.Messaging is a plug-in for platform-independent communication (email, telephone, sms).
CrossPlatformLibrary.MetroLogTracer is a plug-in for CrossPlatformLibrary which adds MetroLog tracing support. MetroLog is a cross-platform logging/tracing framework similar to log4net.
CrossPlatformLibrary.WebBrowser is a cross-platform abstraction which allows to open browser requests.