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Ridge is a source generator that creates strongly typed HTTP clients for integration tests. HTTP clients generated by Ridge require WebApplicationFactory. The use of `WebApplicationFactory` allows Ridge to access internal components of ASP.NET and analyze them. Th...
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Package Description
Caching Attributes; method caching with interceptors on .netcore using Castle Windsor DI DynamicProxying, via Cache Attribute
Dynamically wrap interfaces with OpenTracing instrumentation
A simple way to decorate a class with additional functionality using attributes.
Foundation Libraries
Plus.Core 是一个基于 .NET Standard 的 C# 开发库,集成各种优秀框架到一个包内,方便开发使用。
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Strongly-typed hub implementation for SignalR.Strong using dynamic proxies
DbContextScope for EF Core 5 and .Net Standard 2.1. Forked from
Zametek utility logging classes.
Provides a proxy factory by leveraging Castle based interception mechanism.
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Package Description
AOP implementation for .Net
TypeSafe.Http.Net is a type safe REST/HTTP/Web framework that automagically allows you to make service calls to servers through simple annotated interfaces. The Core library is the library you should include in your project. It conains a partial implementation of the TypeSafe.Http.Net.Api that with...