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基于 Dapper 及 SqlKata 的通用数据库操作库,支持SqlServer、MySql、PostgreSql、SQLite以及DM8。
Log2NET is a tool for collecting log to databases or files for .NET and .NETCore. This component automatically collects the system's running logs (server operation, online statistics, etc.), exception logs. programmers can also add custom logs. This component supports.NET platform and.NETCore platfo...
LogORM is an ORM tool on database with Log2Net log collection.This component automatically collects logs when database data changed. This component supports.NET platform and.NETCore platform, supports sql server, oracle, mysql, and can be easily extended to other databases. It eliminates the need fo...
ThreadContextConnection植入使用大小自动移除操作 增加植入
Essencial tools to agile development.
Lanymy.Common-alpha 通用辅助类库. 序列化 ; 压缩 ; 数据流加密 ; 文件操作 ; 枚举扩展 ; 沙盒操作 ; 进程 ; 二维码 ; 反射 ; 版本 ; 流水号 ; 验证码 ; CMD命令行操作器 ; ffmpeg辅助类 ; 目前版本还在测试阶段,还不够稳定.
Simplified multi-language POCO localization for ASP.NET Core
The Core library contains all base interfaces and tools. You should install at least one other CacheManager package to get cache handle implementations.
底层对调用日志的过滤支持 增加对docker 的支持
Barricade is a lightweight membership system. An ASP.NET Web API security library that implements OAuth 2 authentication and claim based authorizations.
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Package Description
Library for smart usage of Redis and MemoryCache
Base of EntityFramework Data ,Automatic Register Entity And Mapping