Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on CK.SqlServer.Setup.Model

Total dependencies: 10

This package defines only CK.tRes table.
This package defines tActor, tUser and tGroup tables.
Extends CK.Testing.SqlServer and CK.Testing.SetupableSetup TestHelper with a simple RunDBSetup method.
Contains NUnit test helpers.
CK-Database helps to setup, construct, manages and build modular relational databases upon SqlServer. CK.SqlServer.Setup.Runtime contains objects that generate StObj (like SqlTable or SqlPackage) implementations.
This package defines CK.tLCID XLCID and XLCIDMap tables.
This package defines tAuthScopeSet, tAuthScope and tAuthScopeSetContent tables.
This package implements CKTrait.
CK-DB dependency injection for Microsoft IServiceCollection and CK.Core.ISimpleServiceContainer.
Helpers to use CK-DB architecture in AspNet Core application.