Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on C1.UWP

Total dependencies: 30

Flexible report and document viewer component that supports multiple sources including FlexViewer, and PDF.
Flexible reporting library for .NET with many visualizations. Generate and export reports to different file types.
Document library that includes PDFDocumentSource for interacting with PDF documents. Read, export, print, and search PDFs.
DateTime Editors for UWP includes controls for displaying, editing, and validating DateTime information. Includes DateSelector, TimeSelector, and DateTimeSelector.
Specialized financial charts for UWP including Heiken-Ashi and Kagi.
FlexChart for UWP is a Cartesian chart control. Supports line, area, scatter, bubble, candle, column, bar and HLOC financial chart types.
Excel library for easily opening, modifying, or creating Excel files. Allows you to manipulate sheets, save workbooks, and export to multiple formats.
Imaging library allows you to load and edit PNG and JPEG Files, and display animated GIFs.
PdfViewer for UWP can display PDF documents within your applications without Adobe Reader. Note this control is legacy replaced by FlexViewer.
PDF for UWP provides components to create PDF files with only a few lines of code. Note that this library is legacy replaced by C1.UWP.Document.
Maps component for displaying geograpical data. Allows pan and zoom, vector shapes, and offline map sources with KML support.
InputPanel for UWP provides data entry forms with built-in visual styles, validation, annotations, dynamic forms, and more.
C1Word library for opening, modifying, and creating Word and RTF documents. Allows you to export, read or parse, and mail Microsoft Word documents.
Intellispell for spell checking code, commments, strings, markup, resources, and generated text.
Scheduler for UWP supports multiple appointment types, reminders, labels, and availability status. Data binding, import/export, and touch support, and multiple view types are supported.
PDF filter for RichTextBox control.
Radial context menu for RichTextBox control.
AppBar buttons for creating and customizing text in RichTextBox control.
RichTextBox allows displaying and editing formatted text such as HTML and RTF. Supports CSS, hyperlinks, tables, images, and more.
Sparklines for UWP visualize data trends in a small space. Supports Column, line, and win-loss sparklines.