Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on BrotliSharpLib

Total dependencies: 14

Titanium is a light weight web proxy.
Apache Avro serializer for .NET.
Applitools Eyes adds automated visual validation to your automated tests. With Applitools Eyes, you can automatically validate the correctness of your application's UI layout, content and appearance. To learn more, visit .
HttpReports is a lightweight APM system developed for .NET Core
WebMarkupMin.AspNet.Brotli contains one compressor-adapter for compression of text content by using the Brotli algorithm ( - `BrotliCompressor`. `BrotliCompressor` is based on the BrotliSharpLib ( version 0.3.3. In version...
Http Client for .Net | Http, Socks4, Socks5 client
此类库是基于.net standard 2.1封装的一系列常用编程模式和实用程序的核心组件,致力于促进coding效率与规范。
Titanium is a light weight web proxy. This unofficial fork contains a fix for better handling SSH connections, so that it can be used to proxy SSH.NET connections.
An extensible EasyNetQ message intercepter which is content encoding aware.
Package that adds Brotli compression support to WebMarkupMin library. It uses BrotliSharpLib for compression.
Application framework for NetCoreCMS
.net core http request