Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on BigBook

Total dependencies: 14

TaskMaster is a simple library used to manage sets of fire and forget tasks that need to run after specific dates/times.
Inflatable is a simple ORM.
SQLHelper is a simple class to help with databases.
Monarch is a command line parser/command runner
FileCurator is a simple manager for your files. It tries to give them a common interface to deal with files whether on your system or other locations.
Sundial is a profiler library used for both comparison of multiple bits of code and hot spot detection.
Mirage is an open source library for .Net designed to create random data for POCOs, unit tests, etc. Supports .Net Core as well as full .Net.
Spidey is a library designed to help with crawling and parsing web content.
Enlighten is a set of tools to help with natural language processing.
HashBrowns is a library to help simplify encryption and hashing within .Net.
Spellchekr is a basic framework for building simple spell checkers.
Valkyrie is a simple validation library that adds a number of DataAnnotations.
Data.Modeler helps to model database schemas using C#.
FileCurator.Windows is a set of formats that are only available using the full version of the .Net framework. If an alternative is built in .Net Standard these will be replaced. So consider this a hold over.