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YeditepeSoft YtsFrmawork for .NET 5.0.1
A simple caching AOP extension library based on Castle
Autofac integration for Azure Service Fabric. Provides service factory implementations for Actors, Stateful Services and Stateless Services.
YeditepeSoft Core
DynamicProxy integration for Autofac.Extras.IocManager
Package Description
MVC Caching implementation for Kentico Xperience 13 MVC (Full framework, not core).
YeditepeSoft Framework .NET Core 6.0.x
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本项目是.net core3.1扩展类,属于UtilsSharp项目分支,应用于C/S客户端和控制台项目。
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Package Description
基于.net 5 的微服务开发框架 核心类库
IOC容器 原作者:
本项目是.net core3.1扩展类,属于UtilsSharp项目分支,应用于B/S网页端项目。
Write More Code, Less Azure Functions. Functionless is a library to ease your Azure Function development by minimizing the abstraction of your long-running services, processes, workflows, etc.
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MVC Caching for Kentico Xperience 13 MVC.Net Core, provides attribute level caching and dependency injecting for IRepository and IService. Also provides ICacheDependenciesScope to track Dependencies and retrieve them and ICacheDependenciesStore to store them (all MVCCaching attributed dependencies ...