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A simple package with a base Specification class, for use in creating queries that work with Repository types.
Betfair API HTTP client wrapper for .NET Core 3.1
Core helper extensions and utilities.
Build DDD domain layer in a simple way
IDbProviderFactory implementation for MS SQL. Used on top of VkRadio.Orm - the simple ORM base library.
A .NET Library for Cimon PLCs Connectivity
A C# Client for the MockServer Docker Image
Simple ORM base library
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Package Description
Main library package for PlatformFramework
XMind API that allows to build .xmind files programmatically
A pure .Net managed API for interfacing to Apple/Bonjour's mDNSResponder service to enable DNS Service Discovery.
A .Net library to NirvanaHq API (
This package is part of AspCore Template
JsonStore is a lightweight layer of abstraction of documents that can be applied on top of your classes.
A Domain Driven shared library, containing basic components for setting up a domain. Contains base classes for AggregateRoots, Entities, and value objects. These each have proper overrides for Equals, ==, and !=. This package also includes interfaces for setting up domain events as wel...
Health Partners - Health Care Engagement System CORE
Health Partners - Health Care Engagement System Framework
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