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Extends ApprovalTests to allow simple approval of complex models.
Adds ApprovalTests ( support to NServiceBus (
Extends ApprovalTests to allow approval via Aspose.
Simply add this package to add a test which generates a string of your public API, then sends it to Approval Tests to approve any public API changes. Don't accidently miss a breaking API change and break semantic versioning again.
ApprovalTests extension that normalizes pdfs to allow for better pdf verification
Package Description
Utilities for approval object using StatePrinter ( For example: StatePrinterApprovals.Verify(turtle);
Formerly known as SpecFlow.Reporting.ApprovalTestSuite: Approval test suite which can be used to test reporters
Easy way to tests queries generated by EntityFramework.
WPF extensions for ApprovalTests.
Easy way to tests queries generated by NHibernate. General concept here:
Utilities to use at runtime with EntityFramework to enable more tesable code. Use the ApprovalTests.EntityFramework nuget in your tests.
Utilities for unit testing Asp WebApi Projects. Builds on ApprovalTests
Utilities for unit testing Asp and Asp.Mvc views and routes. Builds on ApprovalTests
Collection of test tools and libraries
Utilities for approval testing Windows Forms. Allows screenshot verification of Windows Forms. For example: WinFormsApprovals.Verify(new Button { BackColor = Color.LightBlue, Text = "Help" });
Utilities for approval testing Rdlc Reports. Allows Rdlc image verification and utilities to populate datasets. For example: RdlcApprovals.VerifyReport("YourReport.rdlc", new YourDataTable().AddTestDataRows(1));
Approval test suite which can be used to test reporters
An opinionated fully functional testing framework for F#
A test runner for the FeldSpar testing framework