Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on ANTLR 4

Total dependencies: 34

A GraphQL library for .NET Core. Compiles queries into .NET Expressions (LinqProvider) for runtime execution against object graphs. E.g. against an ORM data model (EntityFramework or others) or just an in-memory object.
A Tool™ to automate build, pack, and push of multi-target .net based nuget packages.
Library for generating code for a DSL from its grammar. Part of the Microsoft PROgram Synthesis using Examples SDK (PROSE).
A GraphQL library for .NET Core. All Honor goes to Luke Murray i just updated some dependencies
OpenKeyWord (OKW) is a generic framework for keyword-driven GUI Tests.
NCalc is a mathematical expressions evaluator in .NET. NCalc can parse any expression and evaluate the result, including static or dynamic parameters and custom functions.
Spin is a simple library for dialogue trees designed for use with games. It includes a human-readable file format for writing dialogue, and an extendable interpreter for executing them.
Autumn.Mvc.Data.MongoDB is aspNet Core extension that will make it easier for you to write your REST Data Repository APIs based on MongoDB.Driver. Its purpose is to convert a query in RSQL format to lamba expression and to provide a pagination mechanism. Install it and test it! (show samples on gith...
Core components for Simplicity Health Systems Starling apps
ON.Impression is a programming language for recognizing string patterns with regular grammar. It is effectively an alternative syntax to regular expressions.
Alternative implementation of the standard functionality of the formatted and interpolated strings. LibProtection provides a realtime automatic protection from any class of the injection attacks, which belong to the most attacked languages (HTML, URL, JavaScript, SQL and the file paths are currently...
Command Line GUI includes a command line arguments parser library Fonlow.CommandLineGui.Core.dll for constructing .NET command line programs with complex arguments. You define a data model class decorated by some attributes for representing arguments. The core library will parse the command line ar...
A library that removes most of the boilerplate code for listening to and visiting ANTLR4-generated parse trees on the CLR.
An run-time expression language for .NET Core. Compiles simple code into .NET Expressions for runtime execution. Includes schema creation and type checking.
.NET Standard math library
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Package Description
SQLite CREATE Statement Parser for .Net is a library for parsing and manipulating SQLite CREATE TABLE and CREATE INDEX statements and simulate ALTER TABLE support for SQLite.