Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on AngularJS UI Bootstrap

Total dependencies: 18

Why waste time developing and bloating your templates with repetative form html. Instead just specify a schema for the form, and the model you want to bind it to and you're done! Check the project site for details and examples.
A long description of the package. This shows up in the right pane of the Add Package Dialog as well as in the Package Manager Console when listing packages using the Get-Package command.
Angular template for sphyrnidae front-end web application
Web project content components
This package will contain the helper classes for the caracal framework
A minimal and opinionated Angular template based on HotTowel
ReMi Web UI
Fork of cgPrompt made by Chris Gross (cgRoss)
Angular UI Bootstrap Date Time Picker
AngularJS directives for Bootstrap
Angular service to easily display input prompts and confirmation modals. Demo can be found here:
An MVC/AngularJS basline project
This is an extensible and customizable grid control built in angular js.
A Boilerplater for Single Page Application using - Web API 2.0 - AngularJS - Boostrap - Bootstrap UI - Block UI - Castle Windsor
Common web components for Fynix system
To setup a web framework to start working with, SPA and angularjs and common layout