Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on AWSSDK - Amazon Simple Notification Service

Total dependencies: 87

Amazon Glacier is a secure, durable, and extremely low-cost storage service for data archiving and online backup.
An Amazon SQS transport implementation for NServiceBus
A light-weight message bus on top of AWS SNS and SQS
MassTransit ActiveMQ transport support; MassTransit is a message-based distributed application framework for .NET
Distributed transaction solution in micro-service base on eventually consistency, also an eventbus with Outbox pattern.
Amazon Web Services .NET Standard Extensions for NET 5.0
Updating Mercado Pagfo Services
A small library that helps ASP.NET Core applications easily consume messages from a SQS queue
Olive Framework
This package installs the library files required to create an instance of cp within an application.
SNS dispatcher implementation for OpenMessage
A Spigot Stream implementation that interfaces with AWS and supports both SNS ( and Kinesis ( Use ...
Implementation of RockLib.Messaging API that sends messages using Amazon SNS. This package was built from the source code at
Ivvy.Subscriptions makes it easy to consume subscription notification messages from the iVvy platform.
Amazon SNS adapter for Akka.NET Streams
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