Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on AWSSDK - SimpleEmail

Total dependencies: 35

Amazon Web Services .NET Standard Extensions for NET 5.0
Allow sending email messages via AmazonSES. Wrapper around AmazonSES api to send email messages from any type of application. Small library for manage email with AmazonSES. A quick setup for AmazonSES. Wrapper library is just written for the purpose to bring a new level of ease to the devel...
Add new date helpers to generate pdf
A bootstrapper for synthetic tests that are run on a schedule with metrics and alerting.
FMPC is a service with utilities such as standard messages, document validators and CDN for images and PDF.
Olive Framework
This package installs the library files required to create an instance of cp within an application.
Infrastructure project setup for building modern enterprise applications using EntityFramework or Azure Table Storage.
The AwsEmail_dotNET Class Library is a high level wrapper around the Amazon SES. The library is currently compiled at .Net 4.0 so it should work with any application running .Net 4.0 and above. Allows sending, receiving and processing email messages in .NET applications. Includes SSL and TLS supp...
Serilog event sink that sends email via Amazon SES
Library used for integration between AWS and Ion Framework
Implementation of Butterfly.Message for AWS Simple Email Service
Package Description
This library has all common functionalities required for master data: Typed HttpClient, AWS clients, Dependency Injection
Cofoundry mail service implemention for Amazon Simple Mail Service (SES).
Inhouse reusable code library targeting .NET Standard 2.1
A new age customized nuget to help developers configure emailing service with ease and quickly for their application. Package contains methods to send email using SMTP and third party email providers according to users preference. It is a simple easy to use helper class containing methods to send e...