Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on AWSSDK - DynamoDBv2

Total dependencies: 169

ServiceStack integration for Amazon Web Services (AWS) including: - PocoDynamo - Declarative, code-first POCO client for DynamoDB with LINQ support - SqsMqServer - MQ Server for invoking ServiceStack Services via Amazon SQS MQ Service - S3VirtualFiles - A read/write Virtual ...
Amazon Lambda .NET Core support - DynamoDBEvents package.
EasyDynamo is a small library that helps developers to access and configure DynamoDB easier. Different configurations can be applied for different environments (development, staging, production) as well as using a local dynamo instance for non production environment. Supports creating dynamo tables ...
Tool to generate AWS CloudFormation json templates for Amazon AWS CloudFormation
Store Audit.NET Trail Logs into Amazon DynamoDB
.NET Standard 2.0 version of ServiceStack.Aws
This contains a session state provider using Amazon DynamoDB.
HealthChecks.DynamoDb is the health check package for AWS DynamoDb.
A distributed lock (mutex) implementation for AWS using DynamoDB.
AWS DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) .NET Client -- DAX is a fully managed, in-memory cache for DynamoDB.
A library that provides an idiomatic F# API for AWS DynamoDB.
PrimarSql (SQL for DynamoDB) ADO.NET Provider
A custom user store for ASP .NET Core Identity built in C#. Designed to allow ASP .NET Core Identity to store user and role data in AWS DynamoDB rather than Microsoft SQL Server etc. It's designed to be as simple as possible, but it does implement all of the user and role interfaces, except for the...
LaunchDarkly Server-Side .NET SDK DynamoDB Integration
DynamoDB health checks package used to check the status of a DynamoDB in .NET 5, .NET Core, .NET Standard based applications. LiteXHealthChecks is very small yet powerful and high-performance library used to check the status of a component in the application, such as a backend service, databa...
A type-safe data context for AWS DynamoDB with LINQ and in-memory caching support. Allows to combine DynamoDB's durability with cache speed and read consistency. Translates LINQ queries into corresponding DynamoDB Get/Query/Scan operations (trying to choose the most effective one) and stores query r...
Application level envelope encryption SDK for C#
DynamoDb Store for operational data of Identity Server 4
Microsoft Orleans clustering provider backed by AWS DynamoDB
A SQL-like external DSL for querying and scanning data in Amazon DynamoDB. Although there exists a number of different ways to query and scan a DynamoDB table with the .Net AWS SDK: - with the low-level AmazonDynamoDBClient class - with the Table helper class - with the DynamoDBContext class none...