Top 20 NuGet Xamarin Packages

Cross Platform Mobile Development

Browse picture with zoom control on Android
A loading button with animaton for Android
ImageView and FrameLayout with gestures control and position animation
Some Test
A file-picker which allows to select images and videos with flexibility. It also supports selection of files by specifying its file type.
An image compressing tool for Android with efficiency very close to that of WeChat Moments
Package Description
A module for viewing and interacting with weather specific functionality.
A module for chat functionality and interacting with contacts.
ColorDialog & PromptDialog
Setting file for Xamarin projects in json format.
🍡 A custom CheckBox with animation for Android
A customize multiple state layout for Android
AutoCompleteTextView for Android with KMP algorithm
Livechatinc android widget integration using Xamarin
Shiny UWP Support Library
Database-agnostic synchronization framework based on .NET Standard 2.0 to synchronize data between multiple clients and a single server, where both platforms are using technologies that compatible with .NET Standard 2.0, such as Xamarin Forms for the mobile clients and ASP .NET Core for the backend ...
Simple, customisable TimePicker created in the old Android API 16 style. Restyled with Material 2.0 guidelines and powered by RecyclerView.
🎃 Typewriter for Android
Beautiful way to showcase new features of your Android app