Top 20 NuGet Xamarin Packages

Cross Platform Mobile Development

A simple MixPanelHttpClient for C#
A helper library of BindingConverters, MarkupExtensions, and other utilities for building XAML applications on platforms that support Xamarin.Forms.
This package contains a cross-platform video player for Xamarin applications.
Useful tools for your xamarinForms application
Fizzler port for Xamarin.Forms
.Net Standard 2.0 version of corcav.behaviors
Contains basic behaviors filters for net projects, xamarin especially.
An out of the box integration for fluent validation framework and INotifyDataErrorInfo interface. just decorate your target class with [NotifyDataErrorInfo(typeof(<FluentValidatorType>))] . Recommended to use with Syncfusion Data Form.
Easily crop and rotate image
MVVM library for Xamarin Forms
This helper class allows you to invoke RESTful services with JSON response type with ease.
PCL port of official Transloadit C#.NET SDK
PCL providing various BAASBox aware Xamarin.Forms
Xamarin plugin for cross-platform notifications.
The small and smart MVVM framework made with ❤ for Xamarin.Forms.
Navigation packge for the Exrin Xamarin MVVM framework
Base packge for the Exrin Xamarin MVVM framework
Dependency injection adapter made for MvvmNano based on TinyIoC.
Cake Build addin for managing Genymotion.