Top 20 NuGet Xamarin Packages

Cross Platform Mobile Development

A complete C# re-write of Berkeley's open source Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Encoding (CAFFE) for Windows C# Developers with full On-line Help, now with Seq2Seq/Attention, Single-Shot MultiBox, TripletNet, SiameseNet, NoisyNet, Deep Q-Network and Policy Gradient Reinforcement Learnin...
ArcGIS Runtime controls and utilities for Xamarin.Forms apps (Android, iOS, and UWP).
This is an extension library which allows using _WebSocket4Net_ as transport for MQTTnet clients.
A module for viewing and interacting with weather specific functionality.
A module for chat functionality and interacting with contacts.
The Wizard module contains functionality for creating Wizard screens
The core controls module contains common functionality used on the app
The contacts module contains common functionality for managing a contact book
The around me module contains functionality for viwing facilities by proximity
The inbox module contains functionality for viewing notifications and messages delivered to an inbox
The home module contains common functionality and essetntials required to build an app home page
A module for building apps with Service Request functionality
The libraries module contains functionality for viewing and interacting with archived information
This package provides the functionality to utilize the features of Syncfusion Xamarin DataGrid Export control and more.
OPC UA Client SDK supporting OPC DA, AE and HDA for quick & easy OPC UA Client development using .NET Framework and .NET Standard. Simple & familiar .NET API, portability, features, patterns, samples and technical support. Unlimited free evaluation & royalty free licensing. Designed and implemented ...
The dispatch module contains common functionality for requesting service vehicles.
A module that allows a user to access and modify application settings and preferences.
The elements module contains common components for building apps such as form inputs, lists, badges, etc.
Input provides specialized editors including AutoComplete, combo box, masked text, and a custom drop-down.
The core library includes common classes and controls.