Top 20 NuGet XML Packages

Brandbank Xml Validation
Brandbank Api helpers
Netstandard 2.0 recompile of original source code from Microsoft.
Netstandard 2.0 recompile of original source code from Microsoft.
Package Description: Consume xml http response and convert into c# readable object
A library for reading XML backup files generated by "SMS Backup & Restore" Android app
Serialize and deserialize XML and JSON to/from Stream or string. Platforms * .NET4.0 and higher * Silverlight 4 and higher * Windows Phone 7.0 and higher * WinRT
A simple xml helper to convert from xml to dynamic expandoObject
SharpTAL is fast HTML/XML template engine.
An invoice generator. Accepts an XML file from a client that specifies the details about the job to be invoiced. Commercial version: XInvoices. Web and console interface. Available at
Facilitates streaming simple string values to XLSX (Excel 2007+ files)
CityLizard Framework allows developers to design strongly typed XML and HTML using .NET languages, such as C#, VB, F#, Nemerle. The project inspired by LINQ to XSD and Sharp DOM.
Map a .xml configuration file to a Class, map xml nodes to properties using XmlElement attribute.
NuGet port for XmlOutput: A simple fluent interface for writing XML, written by Mark S. Rasmussen.
XmlObjectMapper - XML Data Binding Framework
XML extensions
NXmlMapper is a library that lets you easily parse XML files by mapping them to classes. Mapping can be done automatically or manually. It can parse any numeric type, strings, bools, and DateTimes. Both XML element and attribute values are parse-able. See the project site for usage instructions.
XML-configurable inversion of control contrainer
XML extensions.