Top 20 NuGet Windows Phone Packages

The official ASP.NET WURFL Cloud API allows you to query the WURFL database without having to host the database in your applications. This is beneficial because it guarantees that your WURFL data are always up to date. In addition, you don’t need to be concerned about distributing and synchronizin...
Extension methods: DependencyObject.GetAncestors<T>() - finds all children of a specific type DependencyObject.GetParent<T>() - finds the first parent of a specific type Converters: CountToVisibilityConverter - converts the count of an enumerable property to Visibility DateTimeToDateTimeOffsetConv...
## Features: - Support for cell contents to be any Xamarin.Forms.View - Scrolling, both horizontal and vertical - Optional top frozen header row - Optional left frozen column - Separate View template for each column - View recycling (If you have 1000 rows but only 10 can be visible, Dat...
Extended Progress Ring is a radial progress control behaves like the progress bar (the progress is circular instead of linear), works on both Windows & Windows Phone 8.1
NOTE: As of the 1.0 release, package IDs for SQLitePCL.raw now begin with SQLitePCLRaw.*. Some use cases will involve minor breaking changes in the transition. See README on GitHub for more info. SQLitePCL.raw is a Portable Class Library (PCL) for low-level (raw) access to SQLite. This package d...
Controls to make your life in Xamarin Forms easier.
Insights for your Apps
Simple non-bloated MVVM Framework.
FLAC for Windows Runtime is a simple component for decoding Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) files. It is based on an original C libFLAC library and libFLAC++ version 1.3.0 source code. It is available for C# and C++/CX developers writing Windows Store apps for Windows (Phone) 8.1 and higher.
Accengage SDK.
A set of useful and powerful collection classes.
Set of classes for easy and powerful implementation / use of INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyCollectionChanged based objects.
This is a signed fork of libphonenumber-csharp