Top 20 NuGet WebAPI Packages


Library for linking UI components with ConsumeAPI.Simple
Access the API of xmr-stak miner
Wrapper for the Nanopool API, built in C#
GovLib module for interacting with ProPublica APIs
NuGet library for interacting with US Government APIs
A C# wrapper for Lrussell's EE Api. ( see )
GuardianNet is .NET wrapper for TheGuardian API.
Easily work with Rest APIs
A .NET client for the GDAX REST API
A .NET library for the Campaign Monitor API with enhancements for Transactional
IdentityAdmin Api
The IOTA API library for .NET Standard framework. Compatible with .net 4.5 and .net core 1.0
A client library for interacting with the Reflect ( API.
Lightweight .NET library to pull data from YouTube. It deals only with list request and only those that don't need authentication. Supports lazy loading paginated results.
Helpers for building secure APIs with ASP.NET Core
GraphQL for .NET
A very simple library for consuming in c#
Official .NET Core library and SDK for Upodi. Exposes the API client for using Upodi - subscription and billing management in any .NET Core application.
Client to connect and manage Jira Api