Top 20 NuGet WPF Packages

Checks HDMI Cable is Connected or Not In C# Platform.
This library contains material design styles for Syncfusion WPF.
UniversalSerializer is a free open-source advanced serializer for .NET and .NET Core.
Some classes useful in WPF projects (from the book by Jacek Matulewski)
This is sub module of Crema Project
MVVM solution for efficent command definition and usage in WPF projects including a comfortable base view model
New Easy MVVM Framework. More agile development.
Set of features and proxies to simplify C# development
Extends the fantastic MiniProfiler and adds functionality to make it easy to use in windows based applications (E.g. console applications).
Collection of presentation controls
This component allows the Enterprise Library Validation Application Block to integrate with WPF.
Create IObservable objects directly from lambda expressions using CodeBinding
A contrib project for MVVM Light, adding support for coroutines and a screen conductor.
An MVVM+Controller implementation for WPF & WP7, giving all the goodness of MVVM while introducing a controller to make it easier to write better apps easier. Supporting type safe navigation, MVVM, wp7 lifecycle/tombstoning and much more!
Helps you get started with Phoenix with a new project. This package will create a default controller, shell, and a view to save you from doing it!
Ljund Controls contains Windows 8 themeing for WPF and helpers for animation of controls such as fading in/out, resizing, sliding and more. In addition to these core features, a TextEntryDialog is provided, and a helper for navigation between pages in a WPF Frame.
Ready WPF dialogs for NCrash - the univerval .NET global error handler
WPF audio visualization controls using cscore.
Looking for a way to display and manipulate real-time in a GUI?
Looking for a way to display and manipulate real-time in a GUI?