Top 20 NuGet NOSQL Packages

This library provides an implementation for client-side encryption for Azure Cosmos's SQL API. For more information, refer to
FluentCassandra is a .NET library for accessing Cassandra, which wraps the Thrift client library and provides a more fluent POCO interface for accessing and querying the objects in Cassandra.
Raven Migrations is a migration framework for RavenDB to help with updates to your database objects.
BrickPile is a lightweight CMS built on RavenDB and ASP.NET MVC 5
(Unofficial) Signed GridFS Component of the Official MongoDB .NET Driver. The containing assembly was generated by signing the officially published MongoDB.Driver.GridFS.dll.
A storage engine provider for Couchbase Lite .NET that utilizies SQLCipher to gain encryption features.
This package contains everything you need to access the Convertigo Mobile Backend as Service (MBaaS) for extended operations such as using the FullSync technology providing offline data and backend synchronization to enterprise applications for your Xamarin and .NET mobile Apps.
Tired of MongoDb nugets promising the world, but havn't been updated in years? Here is a very simple context/repository MongoDb wrapper for the MongoDb Driver, dives you as simple operations as possible
Ever wanted to use a flat-file NOSQL database? Here you'll find a repository-pattern-like IOC-ready set of tools, (among others), to give you this esoteric functionality
Migrations for RavenDB
A polymorphic JsonConverter and extension methods for Neo4jClient
Persistence framework and mocking
Apache Ignite is a distributed database for high-performance computing with in-memory speed.
The GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform, built on Apache Ignite, enables you to dramatically accelerate and scale out your existing data-intensive applications without ripping and replacing your existing databases.
Apache Ignite EntityFramework Second Level Cache: caches EF query results in a distributed in-memory cache.
A code-first, domain driven, schema management tool for Neo4j and .NET. Helpful in quickly and consistently managing graph schema for your domain model.
Apache Ignite ASP.NET Integration. Output Cache Provider: caches page output in a distributed in-memory cache. Session State Store Provider: stores session state data in a distributed in-memory cache.
Apache Ignite EntityFramework Second Level Cache: caches EF query results in a distributed in-memory cache.