Top 20 NuGet Logging Packages

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Create a card on Trello when a new error is logged on
Simple audit logging for .NET Core with EntityFramework Core support
Simple audit logging for .NET Core with EntityFramework Core support
You can save your log information to cloud and you can search and filter them. For more details please contact by
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A performant, easy to use logging framework.
Middleware allows you to log incoming/outcoming requests with configurable fields set. Also it allows you to add a lot of request fields to logging context of http request.
Provides logging tools for Inner Drive Technology applications
.Net Core prettified Console logger
.NEt Core prettified Console logger
Plexdata.LogWriter.Stream implements the IStreamLogger interface that allows writing of logging messages into any type of stream sink. Main feature of this package is that it can be used platform independently.
Contains Turner Industries Group's logging architecture using Exceptionless. For documentation or support, head to the github page:
Rich, extensible logging solution for .Net Standard 2.0.
test project
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